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Stella and Duncan

First of all, I wish my english was better but I going to do my best to tell the story of Stella and Duncan. 

The first time I saw Duncan, I thought he would make a great love interest. There’s something about him… I mean, come on! Did the temperature just rise? In one hand, you have the most mysterious and handsome Grey Warden, in the other hand, you have Stella, young and desperate for love. So I imagined a love story. From the Circle of Magi to Ostagar, the travel is long and boring and Duncan and Stella feel very quickly an irresistible passion for each other. There’s something powerful between them. Stella is a “seize the moment” kind of person and Duncan knows his life won’t last forever… 

So in my fantasies, they enjoyed life together even though it was just for a few days. Because you know the end of the story: Duncan died. I think Stella felt in love with him and fought the Blight even harden after his passing. 

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